Campari Cocktail Workshop

Campari Cocktail Workshop

The Margarita: Spirit | Sweet | Sour | Salt, hosted by Campari's Jessamine McLellan

Taste, Explore, and learn about the versatility, application, and intricacies of the world's most famous sour cocktail: The Margarita. Hosted by Campari Academy Lead, Jessamine McLellan, attendees will explore the Margarita building blocks and get guidance on perfecting their own recipe in a hands-on cocktail workshop. Be it shaken, blended, frozen, fruity, bitter, or spicy, the Margarita is the number one mixed drink in America for a reason.

What You'll Learn:

1) Establish and reaffirm basics of mixology, and get your hands dirty

2) Learn about and taste the the versatility of the Margarita and its many personalities

3) Understand the value proposition of the cocktail trend in bars and restaurants.