Faculty Spotlight: Tashlin Lakhani

Dr. Tashlin Lakhani is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations at the Nolan School of Hotel Administration in the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. She is a Cornell alumna, receiving both her Masters and Ph. D. from the ILR School . She currently teaches courses related to Human Resource Management and Franchising in the hospitality industry. She hopes students who take her courses challenge their assumptions and be able to apply the industry-specific strategies they learn to their own organizations. In addition to her roles as a professor, her passion for her field has led her to engage in research that investigates the determinants of employment practices and job quality: specifically, how human resource management differs across franchisee-owned, company-owned, and independently- owned operations in the hotel and restaurant industries. Her research has fueled her to make new insights into the field and to find connections between her academic research and practice.

    Following this year's HEC theme, Professor Lakhani is celebrating the importance of having and spending time with family and friends post-pandemic. She is also celebrating Cornell students who have persevered through the pandemic and have discovered innovative ways to overcome the obstacles they encounter. Finally, she is celebrating her opportunity to come back to Cornell in-person and get to experience face-to-face interactions with students and faculty.