Event Overview

The global pandemic has brought to light the importance of treating employees as assets rather than expenses. People are the heart of a business, especially in the service industry. Companies can no longer drive their financial goals by always placing profits ahead of people. People-oriented solutions create process-guided profits, which, in turn, lead to more sustainable and successful organizations. 

But how do we create and implement these people-oriented solutions amid the current situation, and how can we plan for successful working teams in the future? In this session sponsored by Hotel Ezra Cornell, the student-run hospitality business conference and a 96-year tradition of the School of the Hotel Administration, you'll hear from a panel of academic and business leaders about the solutions that organizations are using to put people first.

Additional Resources

Below you'll find the summary report created by Barbara Lang and mentioned in the Cornell Keynote. This summary reflects insights from 14 remarkable nonprofit hospitality training programs (regional, nationally, and internationally)  who provide free job training, life skill coaching, personal and professional mentoring to underserved or marginalized individuals. The goal of these organizations is to build collaborative partnerships with like-minded employers.