Natalie Egan (she / hers) is an openly transgender, award-winning B2B software

entrepreneur and a recognized thought leader living her life at the intersection of

technology and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Natalie has over 20 years of experience driving

digital change, developing high performing teams, building complex products, and selling

enterprise solutions. Today, she is the CEO & Founder of Translator, Inc., where she and her

team are on a mission to scale empathy and equality through technology. Prior to founding

Translator in 2016––and prior to her transition––Natalie was CEO & Founder of PeopleLinx, a

venture capital backed sales technology solution that was acquired in 2015. In addition to

her entrepreneurial pursuits, Natalie has also worked in sales leadership positions at large

public companies like LinkedIn, Autonomy, and Ecolab. Outside of work, Natalie is a parent,

a marathon runner, an artist, and a consummate activist for transgender rights and

representation. Based in Philadelphia, PA––Natalie received her undergraduate degree from

Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, her MBA from The Villanova School of

Business, and is currently writing her first book about her gender transition as a CEO in

corporate America and the business lessons learned along the way.