Meet Amanda

Amanda is a junior in the Nolan School of Hotel Administration from Hudson Valley, New York. Her passion for the hospitality industry began at age 14 when she started her first job at a local Italian restaurant. Her love for guest service, business, cooking, and helping others led to her current endeavors at the Nolan School. Amanda is also pursuing the real estate minor, and hopes to work in hotel development and design. 

As a freshman, Amanda was an Assistant Function Manager on HEC 96’s Culinary team. During her sophomore year, she was a Designer for HEC 97. As this year’s Design Director, Amanda is excited to curate new themes, spaces, and design installations with this year's Board, as well as her team.

Outside of HEC, Amanda is a member of the Cornell Real Estate Club, is a research assistant studying coffee production, markets, and supply chains, and works in the SHA Office of Student Services. Previously, Amanda worked at the Four Seasons in Vail, CO, where she gained exposure to food and beverage operations within a luxury setting. This past summer, she worked as an Acquisitions and Development Intern with Highgate in Dallas, TX, allowing her to understand the technical and strategic aspects of acquiring and developing a hotel. In her free time, you can find Amanda taking dance classes, cooking, and hanging out with friends.