Supporting the Maui Food Bank

Earlier this year, our Philanthropy Team organized a fundraiser to support the victims of the tragic fires that swept over Maui and left many families homeless, scared, and hungry. By raising over $700 in donations, we were able to send meals to those in need. By selling Dunkin' Donuts in the entryway of Statler Hall, we raised enough money so that each dollar we donated to the Maui Food Bank provided 4 meals (over 2,800 meals total!).

The Maui Food Bank is Maui County's primary safety net for hunger relief. The Food Bank provides safe and nutritious food to anyone in Maui County who is at risk of going hungry. Of those served, 40% are children and youth. Working with more than 100 distribution partners and programs, the Food Bank distributes safe and nutritious food to individuals, families, kids, the working poor, seniors on fixed incomes, the homeless and anyone who is at risk of going hungry.