Dana Beninati MMH '15

Dana Beninati

Chef & Sommelier, Dine with Dana

Dana Beninati is a chef, instructor, and third level sommelier based in New York, NY. She makes her kitchen into a classroom and will teach you to master your own.

Her recipes are inspired by her travels and life as a first generation American cook. Her approach to cooking is clear - she simplifies techniques to give you the confidence to cook any meal and pair it with your favorite wine. You can take her classes on Food Network Kitchen, where she serves as Supervising Culinary Producer, and find her recipes on www.dinewithdana.com. She is most passionate about teaching home cooks or young people to whom the culinary world can provide a lifelong path to stability and success. She has traveled the world cooking and competing in different kitchens and holds a Masters of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University.