Christine Hà is the first-ever blind contestant and season 3 winner of the  competitive amateur cooking television show "MasterChef" with Gordon Ramsay.  She defeated over 30,000 home cooks across America to secure the coveted  MasterChef title, a $250,000 cash prize, and a cookbook deal. 

"The lady has an extraordinary palate, a palate of incredible finesse. She  picks up hot ingredients, touches them, and she thinks about this image  on the plate. She has the most disciplined execution on a plate that  we've ever seen. But the palate is where it's just extraordinary. And  honestly, I know chefs with Michelin stars that don't have palates like  hers." –Chef Gordon Ramsay, MasterChef judge 

Hà holds a Master of Fine Arts from the nationally acclaimed Creative Writing  Program at University of Houston, where she served as Fiction Editor for Gulf  Coast literary journal, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from The  University of Texas at Austin. 

Hà's first cookbook, Recipes From My Home Kitchen: Asian and American  Comfort Food, was a New York Times best-seller. She has done several TEDx  Talks, spoken about disability advocacy at the United Nations, and served as a  culinary arts envoy overseas for the American Embassy as part of cultural  diplomacy programs in Jordan, Serbia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, and Vietnam.  Hà was a co-host on the Canadian cooking show "Four Senses" and a judge on  "MasterChef" Vietnam. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for Helen Keller  Int'l, a global non-profit that helps millions of people achieve clear vision, sound nutrition, and good health. 

Hà received the 2014 Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award from the American Foundation for the Blind, a recognition formerly bestowed upon Ray Charles, Patty Duke, and Stevie Wonder among others. Hà's first restaurant in Houston, The Blind Goat, was named a semi-finalist for 2020 Best New Restaurant  in America by the James Beard Foundation. She was also named a James Beard  finalist for Best Chef, Texas, in 2022 and a semi-finalist for Outstanding Chef in  2023 for her former restaurant, Xin Chào. Hà's third concept, Stuffed Belly,  opened in June 2023.