Meet Vicky

Vicky is a Senior in the Hotel School who grew up on Cape Cod, MA. Being surrounded by tourism and hospitality instilled a love for the industry in her at an early age. She started working in the F&B industry at 15 and has loved food and beverage operations ever since. After attending bartending school, Vicky found a passion for beverage operations as a way to facilitate connections that she brings to the HEC team.

Vicky served as Assistant Director on the Beverage Team for HEC 96 and was a Beverage Server for HEC 95. As part of HEC 96, she helped create and implement a variety of innovative beverage components, including meal kits for guests to experience HEC at home, a virtual bartending training program for students to learn bartending basics, and developing recipes for syrups and teas that were sold as part of the HEC store. As Beverage Director for HEC 97, Vicky is looking forward to creating a very unique and experiential beverage program for the first in-person HEC in two years, as well as cultivating a group of passionate and skilled beverage servers for the events.

Outside of HEC, Vicky enjoys working in operations, from Taverna Banfi to 2Stay2Go. This past summer she worked as an Event Manager for a golf course on Cape Cod. She is on the Senior Days Committee, which plans events for Seniors leading up to graduation. In addition to school and extracurriculars, she loves cooking, hiking and spending time outdoors, reading, and watching baseball.