Meet Claudia

Claudia Wood is a junior in the School of Hotel Administration from Vienna, Virginia with plans to go into marketing. Claudia fell in love with the Hotel School at a young age and knew that the Hotel School was the perfect place to combine her business interests with her love for serving others. Claudia began her hospitality journey in high school working at a restaurant and a concert venue, which gave her the operational foundation to expand her education as an intern at Chevy Chase Country Club and Marriott International.

In high school, Claudia started her HEC journey as a Gala server for HEC 91. This experience kickstarted her love for the conference and she knew it would be one of the first organizations she applied for once she became a Hotel School student. Her first collegiate position was as a Guest Experience Manager for HEC 95. Last year, Claudia was the Marketing Assistant Director for HEC 96. For HEC 97, she is looking forward to utilizing her communication and marketing skills she has learned from prior HEC positions as the HEC 97 Sales Director!

Outside of HEC, Claudia is VP Marketing for Cornell Hotel Society, VP Member Education for Kappa Delta Sorority, an ambassador for Hotel School Admissions, and a mentor for the Hotel Student Mentorship Program. When not in Statler, you can find Claudia making themed charcuterie boards, dancing with Pandora Dance Troupe, and trying to learn how to meal prep.