Meet Clara

Clara Griffin is a junior in the Hotel School and serves as the HEC 97 Food & Beverage Service Director. Clara's passion for hospitality began after she accepted a hostess position at Lakewood Country Club in Rockville, Maryland, near her hometown of Washington, D.C. She gradually rose from hostess to server captain and assistant dining room manager. Clara eagerly accepted the HEC position because of the organization's renowned reputation, and she is excited to be involved in such an esteemed conference.

Outside of HEC, Clara enjoys participating in Cornell's Alpha Beta Chapter of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. In addition, she is a member of Million Meals Mission's Donor Relations team. She currently works as a TA for Hotel core classes, including Business Computing and Business Writing. Finally, this past spring, Clara spent time as a Business Strategy Intern for the locally sourced, student popup 2 Stay 2 Go in Collegetown.

As the Food & Beverage Service Director, Clara excitedly anticipates carrying the Food & Beverage team through the most influential resurgence the conference has experienced in recent history. The global pandemic's backdrop will undoubtedly force each member of this year's conference to strategically evolve to ensure HEC 97 stands amongst this prominent tradition's leading hospitality initiatives.