Theme Description

For hospitality leaders, the concept of joy is twofold. We derive joy from curating once in a lifetime experiences for our guests, and our guests feel joy through the memorable moments we create for them. Given the complex relationships between people, organizations, and political and social forces, we often lose sight of the pure joy embedded in our daily interactions and efforts to deliver genuine, attentive service.

We are reinvigorating the feeling of joy in its simplest form, and embracing the childish element of happiness that transcends logic and reason. Igniting joy is a transformative experience that unites all different businesses and reveals the true essence and omnipresence of hospitality. Our digital world may be relying heavily on automation, but no machine has the potential to evoke the joy we feel when we come together as a community and foster authentic connections with those around us. For this, HEC 99 will IGNITE these emotions within our guests and honor the ways we uplift, inspire, and encourage each other.